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Belakos Discovery 960
Discovery 960

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Discovery 960

Brand: Belakos
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Note: Rates are based on rolls of 400 cm wide. This makes it possible that you will need to take more than you actually use. We call this wastage.

Discovery is a classic multi-colored pin-dot, performed with a pile weight of 1200 g / m².
Well combined with Gemini as a border.
Technical information:
Pile: 100% Polyamide (SDX)
Pile weight: ± 1200 g / m2
Total weight: ± 2450 g / m2
Pile height: ± 6.3mm
Fire behavior: CFL-S1
Extra: 100% Chlorine resistant
100% UV resistant
Resistant to common cleaning
Bright colors
Minimal color differences between courts and even between different productions
Environmentally friendly production: high yields, low waste and minimum water
More technical information: Click here
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