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Louis de Poortere Multi Blue Sea 8006
Multi Blue Sea 8006

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Multi Blue Sea 8006

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Louis Poortere Vintage

A Patchwork rug inspired by a blend of Eastern and 18th century European design. By Louis De Poortere Vintage Multi gives you a modern rug at home and history. Wool woven on a Jacquard loom Wilton, so quality and durability guaranteed. Machined parts, multi-layered and stitched detail work provide the real vintage look. The patchwork rug is available in 18 timeless color combinations. This intense and vivid colors makes the Vintage Multi flawlessly mix-and-matches in every room. Both modern and classic - a garment for every type of interior. You can choose from 9 sizes in rectangular and square format.

Product details:   Technical information:
Height: 4,00mm   Floor Heat King suited: Yes
Weight: 1.30 kg / m2   Fire retardant: NA
Material: 75% cotton chenille / 20% wool   Antistatic: Yes
Bottom: Anti Slip edge   Sound absorbing: Yes
Design: Patchwork   Acoustic: Yes
Production process: Woven / Jacquard   Suitable for living-intensive Yes
Country: India   Roller castor: NA

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