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Stains and maintenance

It is always said that simple; '' good maintenance ensures a longer service life of the carpet. ''
But how can you best maintain a carpet? is happy to give you some advice and tips.

A really good maintenance advice can only be given if we know what the carpet is made of. For example, for a cotton carpet, there is a different maintenance advice than wool. The same applies to the room where the carpet is located. In a living room, the carpet will need more maintenance than in a bedroom. To get a personal maintenance advice, we recommend the James website: advice. They ask a number of questions so that you receive a personal maintenance advice.

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Tips and advice

TIP 1: You do well to turn the carpet 180 degrees every six months. This prevents the carpet from wearing on one side and will last longer.

TIP 2: It is important for the life of your carpet that you vacuum the carpet from the day of purchase at least once a week.

TIP 3: Many stains are caused by liquor and can often be prevented by using a tray with a high upright edge.

TIP 4: Do you often have children on the floor? Let them play with textile-friendly felts and paint, otherwise their stains can no longer be removed.

TIP 5: When you have your clothes wet or have them professionally cleaned, turn the floor heating off. When you switch on the clothes more quickly, the places where the heating pipes are located will be permanently visible afterwards.