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Trinity Creations Patchwork Washed Turquoise
Patchwork Washed Turquoise
€99,00 €69,00

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Patchwork Washed Turquoise

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€99,00 €69,00
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The patchwork of Trinity Creations is made from 100% cotton chenille, making it extra soft and luxurious over come. Equipped with a latex backing which serves as the anti-slip. This series is available in 10 kleurstelligen and in 5 different sizes. In addition, the purchase price is interesting.
Special sizes in this grade is possible. For questions and / or more information please email us at [email protected]
Material: 100% Cotton Chenille
Material details: Textile
Comfort: Luxury
Floorheating: Yes
Flame retardant: No
Antistatic: Yes
Sound absorbing: Yes
Acoustic: Yes
Suitable for living-intensive: Yes
Anti slip: Yes
Roller castor: No 

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